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Cloud and Office 365 Solutions

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Cloud Computing

Introduction to the Cloud

The Cloud, well it seems like everyone is talking about the cloud and as usual the giants of the computer industry define it slightly differently to suit their own brands. In simple terms the Cloud is most commonly used to cover any service that is provided on the internet. Many of these services would traditionally have been provided on in house servers and often completely out of reach of small businesses let alone home users. The change to using the Cloud is revolutionising our lives. Emails follow us everywhere; our music is available on all our devices; we can save files on services like Dropbox and Skydrive to access anywhere. Services like Office 365 take that on to another level for business use and for that matter even personal use.

Some of the various uses of the cloud are looked at here.

Office 365 a Cloud Solution from Microsoft

Office 365

Office 365 is designed to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes - everyone from sole proprietors to small, mid-sized and large businesses and from government agencies to educational institutions. Office 365 is a scalable range of professional services from Microsoft that includes; the Exchange email system that is used by major corporations, file storage, communications and much more. To find out more about Microsoft Office 365 click here.

Online Backup

We offer a comprehensive online business backup solution that has a simple pricing structure based on the total amount of data you backup. This simple model allows you to backup as many of your devices as you like without the need for additional licences for each one, just one overall data storage fee. We have partnered with local business so it easy to for us to physically collect the data from them in the event of an emergency

Secure online backup for small to medium sized data accounts. A simple no nonsense pricing structure utilising the same leading edge technology of Gigasoft secure online data backup.  Business packages start at 33.00 per month enabling you to have a comprehensive disaster recovery solution in place for the minimum of expense and effort.

Online Email Scanning (Email Washing)

Businesses with their own internal email server can benefit greatly by having their email scanned before it reaches their internet connection and servers. Online email scanning will remove most of the spam and has a very good record of removing email borne viruses. In doing so it frees up your internet bandwidth so it can be maximised for your commercial uses and it takes the load of your internal servers.

Cloud Based Remote Support

Broad Oak Consultants have been providing cloud based remote support for a decade. In that time we have used various providers which has given us a broad understanding of what is available and at what price.

Microsoft Cloud Solution for Support is Windows Intune

We believe Microsoft's cloud solution for Support Windows Intune is the best solution for most businesses; particularly those with staff working from home or out on the road. One of the key benefits of Microsoft Windows Intune is it offers consensual remote support. That is, with the users consent remote support can be provided. It also offers other key support functions like patch management to keep your software up to date, software installation and a software security solution with anti-virus protection.

Remote Support

For servers and non Microsoft Windows Intune, users we offer alternative remote support solutions.

Storm cloud

Cloud Considerations

Cloud services rely on you having an internet connection that is reliable. Cloud services like Office 365 include the ability to work offline. It is important to consider what happens when you lose internet connectivity and for business to have backup connection to the internet.

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