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Broad Oak Consultants computer shop and office in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex near Harlow. Broad Oak Consultants' offices are in the Essex village of Hatfield Broad Oak near the Hertfordshire border, close to the Essex towns of Harlow, Great Dunmow, Stansted, Newport Braintree and Chelmsford; and the Hertfordshire (Herts.) towns of Bishops Stortford and Sawbridgeworth.

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Computer Repairs and Virus Removal

Virus Removal

If you think your computer is infected with any form of virus worm, malware, spyware or adware
Shut it Down, Turn it OFF and bring it in to be fixed.

Unknown virus screen

To minimise your risk of infection always keep your computer operating system and other software fully updated. The automatic Windows Update from Microsoft and Apple iOS updates are free.  These updates are vitally important as they fix exploits that hackers and viruses take advantage of. Keep your virus software up to date and perform regular scans. Free software is not always best. Be careful what you download and what websites you visit. Always keep backups of your files especially accounts, documents and photos.

Computer Repairs and Housekeeping

Whether your hard drive has failed, the computer is running slow or outright broken we can recommend and carry out the best course of action. Most importantly in the vast majority of cases we can get your data back.

Bring in your Repairs

We offer an in-house repair service for all kinds of computer hardware, including PCs, laptops and printers. We can also upgrade your existing PC by fitting more memory, a larger hard drive or a DVD writer. Software or Windows-related problems - such as those caused by viruses and spyware - can also be fixed by our experienced engineers. Most repairs are best carried out in our workshop where we have access to various software tools and a high-speed Internet connection to download drivers and updates. Repairs are carried out quicker and more cost effectively for you when done at our premises

On Site Work at your Home or Business

We will also make on-site visits to your business premises or home if required. The advantage of on-site visits is it provides the chance to share knowledge and discuss how your IT can be improved. On-site visits are sometimes necessary to resolve Internet, networking and wireless networking issues.

Remote Support

Fortunately many issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently using our remote support services.

Hardware Upgrade

We supply and install hardware upgrades. Even if you have bought the hardware elsewhere we can help you by fitting it. Memory in the form of RAM is one the best upgrades you can give your computer. You might also like to consider bigger and faster hard drives. The other major options for the computer hardware to be upgraded are faster processors and graphic cards.

Software Updates and Upgrades

Almost all software is continually improved and updated. We can assist you in this potentially complex area by installing updates and upgrades to new versions for you.

New Software Installation

Need help installing new and confusing software, let us help you.

Gadget Setup Windows 8 pads and phones, Android phones and Pads, iPhones and iPads

We can help set up your various smart devices and gadgetry be they Windows 8, Android or Apple. We can configure emails on them for you.

Complete IT solutions for business and home. Network installation and support. Hardware and software sales