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Broad Oak Consultants computer shop and office in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex near Harlow. Broad Oak Consultants' offices are in the Essex village of Hatfield Broad Oak near the Hertfordshire border, close to the Essex towns of Harlow, Great Dunmow, Stansted, Newport Braintree and Chelmsford; and the Hertfordshire (Herts.) towns of Bishops Stortford and Sawbridgeworth.

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Internet and Broadband

Broadband Connections

We offer a range of broadband packages for home and business customers. We can sign you up for a broadband package with a minimum of fuss and your service can be live in as little as 10 days. If you want we can provide better quality equipment than the free modem that is sometimes supplied. We can set you up and provide you with security and antivirus protection, both software and if appropriate hardware. We can do all the set up for you.


Eclipse has received the Which? Recommended Broadband Provider award 4 times in a row and is consistently one of the fastest providers. They have UK based support. They send us proactive notification of any major issues and give us software to monitor faults.

Need Help with BT

You are not alone we are here to help. We will deal with BT for you. We can supply lines and internet for you.

Demon Internet - Broadband Internet Service Provider

Demon Internet are a tier 1 Internet Service Provider (ISP); they have entirely their own infrastructure and do not piggy-back on another provider. They are a particularly good ISP for business use and for those customers that want us to have a direct link to a priority support line. On Business accounts Demon do not charge for additional IP addresses. For specialist Business lines beyond just Broadband, Demon have a range of leased lines etc. that we can provide.

Already Got an Internet Provider but need Assistance

We can also help set up your connection if you have already signed up for broadband with another ISP (Internet Service Provider). We can supply and install broadband routers and switches, allowing many users to share the same internet connection. This can be done via standard CAT5 network cabling, by using the latest wireless equipment or a combination of both.

Business Internet Access

For business customers we recommend the use of a dedicated hardware firewall and external email scanning. We can supply and configure the high performance FortiGate range of firewalls which provide Unified Threat Protection rather than just a basic firewall. For external email scanning we offer a range of services from the major players in the field. We can also set up a mail server to provide optimum handling of all your email traffic. This can be used in conjunction with sophisticated virus and spam protection. Businesses need to consider a defence in depth to internet security rather than just basic antivirus protection that was adequate in the 80s. Most businesses rely on the Internet and should consider their options about what happens when their single broadband line goes down.

Alternatives to phone line Broadband

There are alternatives to broadband on phone lines. In some towns there are cable providers other than BT Openreach. Mobile phone providers transmit 3G and in a few places (not local to us) 4G signals but often even a standard mobile system is too weak to reach the remotest areas. Local wireless broadband providers do not have great coverage either, as they rely on line of sight from your premises to their transmitters and unfortunately buildings, trees and hills can conspire to block the signal.

We can work with all these options. It is worth seriously considering which of these options work best where you are as part of your business continuity plan and what you need to do to keep working when the phone line broadband fails. A VOIP phone system combined with Office 365 would enable you to temporarily up sticks and work from somewhere else with a working internet connection.

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