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Wi-Fi connections have revolutionised how we use computers and mobile devices. It has brought great convenience. With it you can use computers, tablets, and smart phones anywhere within range and even out in the garden.

However Wi-Fi does not always work as well as the hype from the big corporates and slick salesmen would like us to believe. We will get Wi-Fi working securely and optimally in your home or business. The options for improving wireless performance include using better access points/routers, additional access points, wireless repeaters, better antennas, and mains power line wireless. The best combination will depend on the circumstances and budget. We use quality products for established brands to get the most reliable performance.

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Securing all Wi-Fi networks is vital not just for your protection but other users too. The old WEP encryption can be hacked in 60 seconds. It is worrying that companies still use this encryption for your wireless equipment which they send out preconfigured. WPA can also be cracked but it takes longer and longer still for WPA 2. Whilst WPA 2 is more secure and robust, it still relies on having a good pre-shared key. The longer pre-shared key the better preferably over 25 characters and more random the better. That of course makes it harder to remember so as usual in life it is about balance between the importance to you of security compared to ease of use.

For businesses we can set up Guest Wi-Fi with access to the internet but not to your systems and internal Wi-Fi where people can wander freely from access point to access point talking over VOIP.

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